• Q. 1 What is the meaning of Destiny Number? How does it determine our fate?

Literally, the Destiny Number means the sum total of all the numbers in a date to its ultimate single digit, i.e., from Number 1 to 9. The Birth Number of a person is the total of the numbers of the date representing only the day of birth. But, Destiny Number is the final single Number we obtain by adding all the numbers in a date in full. Whereas the Birth Number indicates the basic faculties you have acquired by birth, – like physique, character, level of intelligence and personality, Destiny Number highlights the interaction of cause and effect of your actions and thus the extent of success in your life.

  • Q. 2 Then, what is the role played by the Name Number (the result of addition of all the numbers assigned to the letters of a name in English)? And how can the Name or its Sound affect the humans?

You are known by your name. It helps others to identify you. The sound that emanates while uttering your name alerts you and also anyone else bearing the same name. You have already seen that each alphabet has a unique sound and wavelength of its own that causes a “friendly” or “unfriendly” bio-rhythm which determines a person’s success when applied to the outside world. In other words, your Name Number tells “how you look like in the eyes of others or as seen by the world in which you live”. This is a glaring example of how the bio-magnetic field of a human and the geo-magnetic field of the earth interact with each other. Dr.Robert O. Becker, a senior surgeon at New York’s Upstate Medical Centre has proved forty years ago, that the mutual influences of human bio-magnetic field and the earth’s geomagnetic field were not simply a superstitious nonsense, but a basis for a new “super-science”! (“Technology Week” – 1962). Thus was known how the Alpha rhythm of human brain gets affected by the resonance of the geo-magnetic system which interacts with the frequency of sounds travelling through the ether. The sounds emanating while uttering the name of a person are no exception to this rule!

  • Q. 3 Which number should we change to become successful in life?

Changing the Birth Number or Destiny Number is impossible! As you can easily change your name and thus the value of the numbers which, in turn, relate to the numerological exercise of making you lucky, you only need to change your Name Number. It reflects your Fate and the Name-change exercise is called Freewill!

  • Q. 4 Is it so simple and easy – I mean, becoming lucky just by changing Names?

Contrary to the claims of the “quacks and fakes” we see in the media every day, – it is not so simple and easy! The numerological exercise of changing one’s Name to make him fortunate, must be backed by the knowledge of Astrology, Palmistry, and the uncanny occult ability (both scriptural and spiritual) of “peeping into one’s future”. If you have these qualities just as the great masters like “Cheiro” and Pandit Sethuraman had, well, you can proceed too! The book, “My Fortune” helps you to learn the subject thoroughly and experiment in your everyday life with the “Numbers that rule the World”!

  • Q. 5 Suppose, all the people in a family, office or a society change their names to lucky ones, what happens then…?

The question is hypothetical. Yet I can say all will be successful! You know in such a situation, there will be a competition among the equals and a race for the “most successful” status!

  • Q. 6 Like “Mundane Astrology”, is there a “Mundane Numerology”? If so, how dependable are its predictions?

Unlike an individual’s case, Mundane Numerology’s parameters are too many in number. We have allotted in “My Fortune” a few pages exclusively for this purpose. Though this particular part of Numerology has its own limitations, educated, erudite and experienced scholars in this field can perform miracles in making this mundane world a peaceful and happy habitat!



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