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Are Marriages made in heaven?

FeaturedImage You may be surprised to note that in some cultures, the status of a man is determined by the Number of his wives! (you may guess how chaotic it will be if the status of a woman is judged by the same formula). But, the book, "SCIENCE OF FORTUNE" upholds the value of the message of the numerical values of our names and not the chimerical fantasies. Marriage is an institution which ceremoniously unites a man and a woman in wedlock. Man, the sublimest creation of God, has a civilization to respect, a moral code to follow unlike his animal counterpart and has a duty to perform on this earth - the sacred duty of giving birth to children who would, in turn, maintain the function of this world in an orderly fashion. The race, ways and the language may differ from place to place, but this solemn ceremony's aim is one and the same. Numerology's role here is to help the aspiring men and women to ensure that they are suitable to each other and harmony prevails in their married life. In this aspect, Numerology stands out as a single effective source of prediction in suggesting the right and auspicious dates...

The Mighty Eight

FeaturedImage Pandit Sethuraman  was the only person in the world  to give elaborate details of Number 8 in his monumental work "Science of Fortune" and suggested ways how one can protect himself from the negative vibes of Number 8 and lead a happy life. "Science of Fortune" is a must-read book for anyone born on the 8,17, and 26th of any month to reshape their lives. ​Have  you  noticed  that from the dawn of the new millenium the Number 8 (either as the Birth Number or as the Destiny Number or as the Name Number), has repeated its onslaught on various countries, more especially. Asia? In Mundane Numerology. Number 8 is considered more ominous and harmful than before, particularly in the new millenium. With many other parameters taken into account, the cruel stroke of Destiny playing through Number 8 has been already foreseen by the author. Refer to the ominous dates of 8 and disasters repeatedly ensued as listed here.   This is a little strange .... Just amazing to note that many of the earthquakes that appeared all over the world in the recent past were all on the date 26. The following natural disasters and tragedy that followed proves the negative power of date...

Education, employment and enlightening numbers

FeaturedImage Square pegs in round holes is a phrase used to indicate people who are misfits in their jobs. Such ones are commonly found in large numbers now. These days everyone carries on the business of his or her own liking. Even the natural elements will change. This writ of changing times has affected the numbers, letters, the humans represented by them and all their activities including education and employment. No doubt, we find a lot of misfits in each field. Some of them whose numerological factors are favourable have a high degree of adaptability and they flourish; all others perish. Of course, Numerology can come to their rescue and the book "My Fortune" can serve as a friend, philosopher and guide to those unfortunate souls! First of all, find out whether the Name Number of a child is in harmony with the Numbers of date birth. If, as per the Birth or Destiny Numbers, the child has an aptitude or skill in a particular field, then choose a Name Number that is lucky and suitable. This helps the child to pursue successfully that particular branch of study which suits him or her. When the child grows up, all the things relating...