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Peace! …… at what price?

FeaturedImage Peace of mind and happiness are the only two things the human race is after from time immemorial and to attain them, struggles have to be put up or wars have to be fought depending upon the course, domestic or national. Gautama Buddha preached that desire was the root cause of all evils, but he only meant the “wrong” type of desires which end up in disappointment and deterioration of moral values. If there is a need, it can be fulfilled without any problem so long as it is legal or legitimate or within our reach. But greed can never be satisfied. If at all someone’s greed is to be satisfied it will be only at a price for peace! There are glaring examples in the history, the past and the present and that is what “My Fortune” highlights for its readers! Chung Mong–Koo, was born with 1 and 7 as birth and destiny numbers. He was a successful Korean car manufacturer and a thoroughbred professional. His products were among the best sought after ones in the world. He had every comfort or luxury at his disposal. Sadly enough, he committed suicide jumping from the twelfth floor of his office building....